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As you know...

A catalytic cleaner will clean deposits from a functioning converter and help restore its efficiency. In a nutshell, the catalytic converter matrix is covered with platinum or palladium that, when heated by the exhaust gases, oxidizes unburned fuel to eliminate raw hydrocarbons from the exhaust. As converters lose efficiency, the percentage of raw fuel in the exhaust increases, which ultimately will damage your car.

 Here are some other great features:

  • Cataclean can assist with your MOT inspection by bringing down emissions by up to 60% 
  • It increases MPG (miles per gallon) saving you money on your fuel
  • It will improve BHP, torque and throttle response, improving overall vehicle performance

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We think this gift is amazing for you. The best thing about it? (besides that it's free) are these reasons:

  • Cataclean creates one of the most widely used cleaners in the world. 
  • Extremely durable & well known Brand
  • Perfect for your new exhaust system!


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